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Innovation in Underwear

Innovation in Underwear

Published on 05-JAN-21

Underwear has been around for over 7000 years. The men and women of the stone age developed underwear right after they developed an ego. It was purely utilitarian though. Leather from last night’s hunt made its way to being underpants providing support for pre-historic errands. Even after all these years, it serves the same purpose.

Does this mean that humanity has lost its knack for innovation?

Not yet. We at DaMENSCH hope to keep the evolution of innerwear alive.

After all, it’s the thing that keeps our successors safe. The future must be safeguarded, and with that in mind; an underwear revolution is underway at DaMENSCH.

But in all honesty, we weren’t entirely without innovation. There have been times when manufacturers believed from the bottom of their hearts, that adding more fabric meant innovation. Things got out of hand, undergarments of the 50s covered the entire body. Luckily that didn’t last long, but the downside is that we went back to square one.

At DaMENSCH, we take a different approach.

We take pride in offering new never-before-seen features like odor-neutralizing and moisture-wicking fabric without sacrificing the design, comfort, and support needs of the modern man.

The journey from loincloths to pantaloons to what we have today was a long one. But it’s a journey that we plan to prolong, and there lies the distinction between those that set out to reach the event horizon and those that only look at it.

We’ve reached the stage where there’s different mens innerwear for different lifestyles. Functional for daily, your average all-rounder that never lets you down. Funky for the fashion-forward go-getter and frisky for those that get it on.

With choices aplenty, there’s no more guesswork. There’s something for everyone (DEO-SOFT Briefs, DEO-SOFT Boxer Briefs, DEO-SOFT Trunks, NEO-SKIN Vests), and even more coming.

The way forward is unpredictable, but there’s one thing for certain. We at DaMENSCH will never let the underwear revolution die.

What does the future of underwear look like?

More importantly, how would they feel?

Speculation aside, we at DaMENSCH have a simple approach.

The best underwear would be the unity of design, support, comfort, and longevity.

If your trunks are the first thing you put on in the morning, looking good in them would add that extra pump of confidence. The perfect fabric would add supreme levels of comfort letting you wrap your goods in the cloth of the gods. Enhanced support to let everything stay where it’s supposed to. All brought together by its longevity, making sure it stays the same throughout its journey with you.

We aren’t out of the league, we just play a different game altogether. Doing so puts us beyond comparison.

But is any underwear truly future-proof if it doesn’t improve the lives of people?

Our DEO-SOFT Briefs, DEO-SOFT Trunks, and DEO-SOFT Boxer Briefs come imbued with odor-neutralizing technology and keeps you fresh all day. The moisture-wicking fabric lets you stay dry regardless of the weather.

Everything we’ve done so far, and every innovation yet to arrive is all done with a singular mind holding only one thought.

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