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Why Fashion Industry needs to be Dye Hard Fans of Sustainable Colours

Why Fashion Industry needs to be Dye Hard Fans of Sustainable Colours

Published on 02-AUG-21

The world of fashion is changing, as we make a gradual move from a use-and-dump model of dressing up to slow fashion. Eco-conscious consumers are learning the dangers of unsustainable fashion practices to both the planet and humanity—including the practice of shoving off chemicals into freshwater and the subsequent contamination of various water sources for both wildlife and citizens. As a result, many consumers are straying away from fast-fashion and seeking eco-friendly alternatives made with natural materials that reduce the environmental impact of their purchase. Unlike synthetic colours, sustainable natural colour dyes neither contain any carcinogenic components or harmful substances. The synthetic dye residuals from the textile industry wash off to the oceans and create a harmful imbalance in the environment. The textile industry is putting forward baby steps by moving towards using biodegradable and sustainable raw materials.

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At DaMENSCH, we care about how we make what we make. We strive for precision, innovation, and sustainability. In short, we take environmental carbon footprint very seriously and our team does everything to reduce our share of it. The fabric innovation lab at DaMENSCH is always determined in coming up with the most sustainable products and their end-to-end process ensuring the safety of the environment and you.  

DaMENSCH is on the go to provide a distinctive experience for every man. Our range of essential apparel comes with progressive technology for the creative mankind with Deo-Soft, Neo-Skin and Breeeze. We use sustainable anti-fade natural dyes for all our apparel. Yes, our true colours are out in public now! These dyes have been in existence for a long time now and it upholds untold importance in our lives for centuries. Not only does it satisfy our aesthetic sense, but it definitely has utilitarian uses. 

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If we were to date back the usage of natural dyes, we’ll have to travel back a few centuries. Natural dyes or colourants were used by the kings and queens on their fabric and in makeup to enhance their outlook. They are obtained from animals, plants, minerals, vegetables, and fungi. In India, the natural colour Indigo has been in use for around four thousand years.

So the jazz about natural clothing dyes is not wrong!

Natural dyes bring out fine colours and give a vibrant and fresh look. Plus, they are biodegradable and non-allergic which we believe is the most important. DaMENSCH works on men’s apparel and it is our responsibility to build products that ensure mankind’s comfort and safety. Not just that, natural dyes and pigments also have antimicrobial properties which makes them the safest bet.

Additionally, natural clothing dyes protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Because of their high UV absorption, these dyes have the ability to protect our skin. Although these dyes are expensive compared to synthetic, these eco-friendly dyes offer numerous benefits to the environment and our health by coming straight outta nature!  

We hope everyone makes a wiser choice for a healthier and safer tomorrow!